Thursday, December 31, 2009

Want Happiness?? Add more ~ing to your life

I have to share an amazing and creative book written by: Gabrielle Bernstein.. I love that it doesn't matter how much money you make or what Manolo's you are going to wear or what designer Latte to order. The question is,when you look at the big picture ask yourself. ARE YOU HAPPY?? The questions we sometimes always forget to ask..When I wake up I always tell myself that today is going to be a great day (even if it's raining or super cold). As women we have sucked ourselves into a world filled with Cattiness,Competition and Jealousy.. Why??We put so much pressure on ourselves to be super thin,wear the must have designer jeans,own the best shade of gloss.. Remember to step back.. You can have these things, but the most important part of all of it, is to be Happy. These material things I mentioned earlier aren't going to do it long term.. So this book really inspires you to put the ~ing back in the way you think..

The key to this book that I learned, is to create a 30 day repetition of Physical activity,Positive affirmations and Creative visualization's that will deplete all the negative in your life.. This book will make you smile maybe even cry.. I love it and recommend it to all of you.. Super Fabulous and a must read. Yes, it states things that you probably have read in other books. The difference. you do some form of physical activity with each step.. Love it!

As we move into a New year, pick up this book and re-invent your mind, spirit and HAPPINESS...And remember to add the ~ing back in your life..I know I have


1 winner will win this amazing book. So please Twitter,Facebook and spread the love. Tell all your Fabulous friends to come over and leave a comment too.. Also tell me a little about yourself..Don't forget to leave me your e-mail so I can contact you.Good Luck..

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This site was brought to my attention. I had to write about it. My youngest child is 5 but this would have helped when I first started out as a mom.. Great insight on all the unknown as a new parent thru a child's eye.. Very fun and chock full of Information.. Check them out..FABULOUS

I’d like to introduce you to, an online video resource that helps parents understand the world from their child’s perspective, using online videos to present science-based child development information in a fun, accessible way – by showing how and why young children think, do, feel, say and see the things they do. The online video series is called ‘The Just Ask Baby Show’ and real life 9-month-old talk show host Joey engages the family audience with his dry humor, wit and clever insight! As Joey chats with his adorable baby friends, they tell the story of how babies grow and develop in the first year of life - completely from a baby’s perspective.

Beacuse you are all Fabulous They are offering a 15 day free trial and 20% off your first purchase.. Use code: HOLIDAY

Today's Interview with Co-Founder of BLOGHER

I had the honor of interviewing Elisa Camahort over at Blogher. She is Co-founder of this amazing women driven site. Sit back read and enjoy.

1. Why Blogher?
R1: We started BlogHer in 2005 to answer a question we thought needed to die: "Where are the women bloggers?" We knew that there were tons of the, but there really wasn't a central place to find them, and certainly no place that was shining a spotlight on their amazing voices and quality work. Our mission has been to create opportunities for that exposure, but also opportunities for education, community and economic empowerment.

2. How many members do you have?
I believe we have nearly 60K registered members, but I'll need to check.

3. When did you launch Blogher?
The first conference was announced in March 2005 and took place in July. The community and news hub was launched in January 2006. The BlogHer Publishing Network, introducing an opportunity to build a business together, launched later in 2006.

4.What inspires you?
I am inspired daily by the voices of the women in our network. Sometimes they are out there striking out and creating new career paths for themselves, supported by their use of blogging and social media. Sometimes they are activating for social or political change...raising money for causes in which they believe or joining the debates on hot-button issues of our time. Sometimes they are simply telling their stories. Stories that have too often been lost to our culture and our society. The blogosphere is actually creating an entirely new history. And women play a huge role in that new history. This inspires me!

5. What is your Favorite color?

6. What's your Favorite Food?
Portabella Mushrooms

7. What has been your biggest accomplishment?
Definitely taking that risk, making the leap, and taking BlogHer from a passion to a business.

8. What makes you smile?
What can I say, I'm a sucker for 80s music!

9. What member/members that has created a lasting impression.
Well, it all starts with my two co-founders: Lisa Stone and Jory Des Jardins. We were each just bloggers in the community...and then we were three chicks with credit cards who decided to put deposit down on a meeting space for our first conference. And then we decided to go into business...inspired by countless voices. To single out just a few would be too hard.

1o.What have you learned from your site?
That we are all marvelous multi-taskers with diverse interests. That we can jump from a post about politics to one about parenting...and have something to say about either topic. From Finance to Fashion to Food. From Gadgets to Green. Stop me, I could go on with the alliterations forever, much to Lisa's chagrin :)

11. What would you change on your site?
Well, if I may tease you a little bit: We're launching a re-designed site pretty soon, so you'll soon be able to see exactly what we've been longing to change. To say any more would just give it away!

12. Why do you only target women?
We're actually by and about women, but for anyone! Men can and do participate as attendees of our conferences, participants on our site and members of our publishing network. But yes, our mission is to create opportunities for women who blog. Women are the majority of the population in America, the majority of the voters, the majority of the Internet users and control the VAST majority of the household spending. And yet we are not even close to that kind of representation in any hall of, industry, government etc. So, I still feel it's a worthy mission to shine a light on what women are doing and saying and achieving.

13.What are your future goals for Blogher?
We like to joke "world domination", but truly we want to be the women's community and media company that every woman would create for herself if she had the time and money.

14. What exciting thing lies in your future?
Right now I'm flying to DC to present data about women online to the new media teams for both the Republican leadership and the Obama Administration. So, that's a very exciting thing in the *very* near future.

Many Thanks goes out to Lisa Stone,Elisa Camahort and Jory Des Jardins.. Much success with BLOGHER.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Disney Here we all come....

Well my friends.. I am headed to Disney tomm with my family. My Brother in Law works for the Jonas Brothers so we are going to watch them perform at Magic Kingdom. My kids are so excited to get there. Much needed. My husband has been in China on business and this is a much needed trip. I will make sure to get the rest of my guide up on Tuesday.. You will love the entertaining/hostess gifts and the eco gifts.. I even have gifts for pets.. To get the word out I am looking for guest writers who can share their Fabulous Finds on my site and review some products.. I would love another point of view.. So what do you say.. Contact me.. I will be out of the office until Tuesday Dec 7th.. I look forward to many things coming up..

Bye For Now..

Heather Polke