Thursday, December 31, 2009

Want Happiness?? Add more ~ing to your life

I have to share an amazing and creative book written by: Gabrielle Bernstein.. I love that it doesn't matter how much money you make or what Manolo's you are going to wear or what designer Latte to order. The question is,when you look at the big picture ask yourself. ARE YOU HAPPY?? The questions we sometimes always forget to ask..When I wake up I always tell myself that today is going to be a great day (even if it's raining or super cold). As women we have sucked ourselves into a world filled with Cattiness,Competition and Jealousy.. Why??We put so much pressure on ourselves to be super thin,wear the must have designer jeans,own the best shade of gloss.. Remember to step back.. You can have these things, but the most important part of all of it, is to be Happy. These material things I mentioned earlier aren't going to do it long term.. So this book really inspires you to put the ~ing back in the way you think..

The key to this book that I learned, is to create a 30 day repetition of Physical activity,Positive affirmations and Creative visualization's that will deplete all the negative in your life.. This book will make you smile maybe even cry.. I love it and recommend it to all of you.. Super Fabulous and a must read. Yes, it states things that you probably have read in other books. The difference. you do some form of physical activity with each step.. Love it!

As we move into a New year, pick up this book and re-invent your mind, spirit and HAPPINESS...And remember to add the ~ing back in your life..I know I have


1 winner will win this amazing book. So please Twitter,Facebook and spread the love. Tell all your Fabulous friends to come over and leave a comment too.. Also tell me a little about yourself..Don't forget to leave me your e-mail so I can contact you.Good Luck..

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This site was brought to my attention. I had to write about it. My youngest child is 5 but this would have helped when I first started out as a mom.. Great insight on all the unknown as a new parent thru a child's eye.. Very fun and chock full of Information.. Check them out..FABULOUS

I’d like to introduce you to, an online video resource that helps parents understand the world from their child’s perspective, using online videos to present science-based child development information in a fun, accessible way – by showing how and why young children think, do, feel, say and see the things they do. The online video series is called ‘The Just Ask Baby Show’ and real life 9-month-old talk show host Joey engages the family audience with his dry humor, wit and clever insight! As Joey chats with his adorable baby friends, they tell the story of how babies grow and develop in the first year of life - completely from a baby’s perspective.

Beacuse you are all Fabulous They are offering a 15 day free trial and 20% off your first purchase.. Use code: HOLIDAY

Today's Interview with Co-Founder of BLOGHER

I had the honor of interviewing Elisa Camahort over at Blogher. She is Co-founder of this amazing women driven site. Sit back read and enjoy.

1. Why Blogher?
R1: We started BlogHer in 2005 to answer a question we thought needed to die: "Where are the women bloggers?" We knew that there were tons of the, but there really wasn't a central place to find them, and certainly no place that was shining a spotlight on their amazing voices and quality work. Our mission has been to create opportunities for that exposure, but also opportunities for education, community and economic empowerment.

2. How many members do you have?
I believe we have nearly 60K registered members, but I'll need to check.

3. When did you launch Blogher?
The first conference was announced in March 2005 and took place in July. The community and news hub was launched in January 2006. The BlogHer Publishing Network, introducing an opportunity to build a business together, launched later in 2006.

4.What inspires you?
I am inspired daily by the voices of the women in our network. Sometimes they are out there striking out and creating new career paths for themselves, supported by their use of blogging and social media. Sometimes they are activating for social or political change...raising money for causes in which they believe or joining the debates on hot-button issues of our time. Sometimes they are simply telling their stories. Stories that have too often been lost to our culture and our society. The blogosphere is actually creating an entirely new history. And women play a huge role in that new history. This inspires me!

5. What is your Favorite color?

6. What's your Favorite Food?
Portabella Mushrooms

7. What has been your biggest accomplishment?
Definitely taking that risk, making the leap, and taking BlogHer from a passion to a business.

8. What makes you smile?
What can I say, I'm a sucker for 80s music!

9. What member/members that has created a lasting impression.
Well, it all starts with my two co-founders: Lisa Stone and Jory Des Jardins. We were each just bloggers in the community...and then we were three chicks with credit cards who decided to put deposit down on a meeting space for our first conference. And then we decided to go into business...inspired by countless voices. To single out just a few would be too hard.

1o.What have you learned from your site?
That we are all marvelous multi-taskers with diverse interests. That we can jump from a post about politics to one about parenting...and have something to say about either topic. From Finance to Fashion to Food. From Gadgets to Green. Stop me, I could go on with the alliterations forever, much to Lisa's chagrin :)

11. What would you change on your site?
Well, if I may tease you a little bit: We're launching a re-designed site pretty soon, so you'll soon be able to see exactly what we've been longing to change. To say any more would just give it away!

12. Why do you only target women?
We're actually by and about women, but for anyone! Men can and do participate as attendees of our conferences, participants on our site and members of our publishing network. But yes, our mission is to create opportunities for women who blog. Women are the majority of the population in America, the majority of the voters, the majority of the Internet users and control the VAST majority of the household spending. And yet we are not even close to that kind of representation in any hall of, industry, government etc. So, I still feel it's a worthy mission to shine a light on what women are doing and saying and achieving.

13.What are your future goals for Blogher?
We like to joke "world domination", but truly we want to be the women's community and media company that every woman would create for herself if she had the time and money.

14. What exciting thing lies in your future?
Right now I'm flying to DC to present data about women online to the new media teams for both the Republican leadership and the Obama Administration. So, that's a very exciting thing in the *very* near future.

Many Thanks goes out to Lisa Stone,Elisa Camahort and Jory Des Jardins.. Much success with BLOGHER.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Disney Here we all come....

Well my friends.. I am headed to Disney tomm with my family. My Brother in Law works for the Jonas Brothers so we are going to watch them perform at Magic Kingdom. My kids are so excited to get there. Much needed. My husband has been in China on business and this is a much needed trip. I will make sure to get the rest of my guide up on Tuesday.. You will love the entertaining/hostess gifts and the eco gifts.. I even have gifts for pets.. To get the word out I am looking for guest writers who can share their Fabulous Finds on my site and review some products.. I would love another point of view.. So what do you say.. Contact me.. I will be out of the office until Tuesday Dec 7th.. I look forward to many things coming up..

Bye For Now..

Heather Polke

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday and Loving it!

Well.. It's been pure craziness at The Fabulous Finds. I have been putting together all my holiday gift picks. I have received hundreds of pitches and have found some Fabulous products from ice cream to design your own trail mix. I am so excited to share these with you. I hope this makes shopping easier. I made sure to find things that will WOW your friends,co-worker,hostess spouse,kids,college student etc. Stay Tuned Next week I will start to add in my picks. I am going to have a questionnaire to what you think is the best gift..I want to see what your kids,parents,spouse are asking for.. Please leave me comment. I would love to hear..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Future designers this one's for you FABULOUS!

Fashion Playtes.. Creative and one of a kind..Designed by a stay at home mom who loved to sew as a kid along side her talented mom, came up with concept after watching her own daughter have a love for design and creating.. Soon after Fashion Playtes came to the computer world. What is it you ask? Well a play land for girls of all ages to create and design their own clothes that can then be purchased and shipped to them. FABULOUS!
They get to choose from tops,skirts,dresses and more and then click on colors,ribbons,appliques,ruffles,patches OH the possibilities are endless. They even get to design their own clothing label. My daughters love it. I think it's great for them to use their creative flair. They designed L/S T's and they can't wait to get them in the mail.
This will make a great holiday gift. By purchasing a Gift Certificate you can add joy to your little Fashionista. Not your ordinary gift, a true runway show stopper. So what are you waiting for.. Tell your daughter,niece,cousin,Granddaughter about this Fabulous Find. Go over Leave Sarah a message tell her she is Fabulous.. Please follow up with comment and how you would rate this site. Tell me 1 star for poor and 5 for amazing.. I LOVE FEEDBACK.


Fashion Playtes is offering one Lucky winner a $50.00 Gift certificate to shop and create amazing one of a kind fashions.

Please check out there site,Leave a comment with a rating 1 for poor thru 5 for amazing. Tell me what you would make and last follow this site and spread the word..


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Entertaining make you stressed? Memorable Entertaining is sure to please

The Holiday's are around the corner and we have so many things on our minds.. Gifts,Recipes,Decorating and the list goes on and on.. I was approached by Memorable Entertaining to take a look at there company and if I liked what I saw write about it. Well I am writing and must say it's a Fabulous find. Chock full of entertaining ideas from learning to set your table the right way to what cheeses and wines to pare together. It's a service offered 24/7. A membership is needed but I will say well worth the $$. For non-members they do offer you a small section of ideas. Debra Delaney is the proud Founder of Memorable Entertaining. She has been featured in many publications and seen on ABC Chicago. She offers so many areas of expertise from table settings to full menus for every occasion. She has 7 contributing chefs that help plan her menus. I am delighted this service exists. I think Memorable Entertaining is a Fabulous Find. Please go check out her site sign up.. Much needed before the Holiday season begins and there after. Tell Debra she is Fabulous. When signing up. Please tell them Heather ,from The Fabulous Finds sent you.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Madness..

Today has been a crazy day. I keep losing my computer service. I have one of those package deals.. Cable,Phone and Internet. They are updating today and I keep losing all three. So sorry for the delay for a post. I have been working like crazy putting together my Fabulous Holiday Guide. I want to offer you amazing ideas for gift giving this holiday season. I have kids items,gifts for women,Hostess,stocking stuffers etc.. Things are looking on the up and up. I can't wait to share with you, Coming Soon.. Later I will be posting about an amazing entertaining company.. A must check out.. I will have the post up soon..Well for now.. Enjoy your day and check back with me later. Heather

Friday, November 6, 2009

Spreading The Love On Friday!

OH the ideas and more. Well I fell in love with this Creative and Fabulous company..How many times have I said in previous posts that I love packaging and that it makes a gift or an event stand OUT?. Well Garnish is one of those place's that's a must to bookmark. They have come up with the most creative ideas for Parties,Gifts etc. I love the soup swap and the kids table so fun..O.K. you ask why is this Fabulous?? I will tell you. I have looked at other sites that show a set up of a party or party ideas. Then I have to take what I read and try and piece together how they made it or where to find the contents to make my party look the same. Garnish does all that for you. They tell and show you the idea then offer everything that you need to create it without leaving their site. Let me here it, FABULOUS right.. You can dress Garnish up or Down.I love that they have a natural feel. Adding fun Labels or color can really jazz them up in YOUR own creative way. Go check out the site.. Leave them a comment and tell them they are Fabulous.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

LittleBirdieSecrets Fabulous Interview

I had and amazing interview with Jessica,Mandy and Stacy over at littlebirdiesecrets

They are creative and crafty.. You will love their answers..I love that they have a friendship and can share there experiences together. So sit back and read all about them. Then go over to their site and tell them how Fabulous they are..

1.How did you come up with the name for your blog? Jessica: Mandy came up with it! Brilliant share our ideas/secrets with others. Mandy:Lots and lots of brainstorming! We knew we loved all the bird images being used lately, so that helped narrow it down. Stacy:See Mandy's answer to #1.

2.What inspires you? Jessica: I am inspired by holidays, friends, and cute PAPER! :)
Mandy:Everything! I love looking through magazines, at other blogs, in stores and catalogs, but I also find inspiration in nature and my kids!
Stacy:Absolutely everything. I can't turn my brain off. I daydream about crafts or get ideas from everyday life.

3.Have you always been Crafty?Jessica: I never really did much crafting until I met these two dear friends that made me believe in myself enough to try.
Mandy:I have been crafty in a way as long as I can remember. I was into drawing and painting as a child, and arts and crafts was always my favorite part of school. But I moved to scrapbooking and card making in my late teens. After I went to work for the Stampin' Up corporate offices the possibilities of crafting really opened up for me and I started to branch out. Then I met Stacy, and my crafty-ness just exploded!
What or who gave you the idea to start your blog? I wanted to start a blog to show my family and friends things I'd made, and maybe even sell a few things. Then I went to a Women's conference with Stacy and Jessica and we attended a class about blogging. That weekend we decided we were going to do it.
Stacy:Yes, I love anything artistic and crafty. I remember sewing my first full outfit all by myself in 9th grade.

4.What makes you smile? Jessica:These two best friends! We wanted a place to share our creativity my kids, family, friends and the smell of new crafting supplies. Mandy:My boys, my husband's lame jokes, seeing the sunshine (it's a little rare here in Seattle!), and finishing a project!Stacy:See Mandy and Jessica's answer to this one.Babies (and my family too when they are not terrorizing me and the house!)

5.What makes you sad? Jessica: Tragedy, illness, and ignorance Mandy:Thinking of others who are suffering in the world while we enjoy so much. Stacy:Heartbreak-not just my own, but to see it in other people. I think we need more compassion in this world.

6.What makes for a good recipe/story?Jessica: A good recipe comes from the memories that are associated with it. Every time you eat it, the memories rush back.Mandy:DRAMA of course!Stacy:The story behind it. The who, where, what, why and when. you know, all the little details. I love using recipes that have a history or are made for a specific reason. For example, my husband spent some time in South America. His mother tracked down a recipe that used ingredients specific to South America and boy was that cake ever tasty. What made it more special was how much thought she put into serving that specific cake. Or a special salad with someones favorite nut because they love them so much.

7.What do you look for in other blogs?Jessica: Ideas that inspire me to create something of my own.Mandy:Great photos, good descriptions, and new ideas.Stacy:Personality, great pictures and inspiring posts

9.Do you belong to any social sites?Jessica: I belong to facebook...very addictive :)Mandy:Facebook, but I haven't been using it much lately. Too busy!Stacy:Facebook. Little Birdie Secrets is also a part of the Tip Junkie Ning group

10.What suggestions do you have for new bloggers?Jessica: Find your passion and run with it. If you aren't excited about what you are blogging will never work.Mandy:Patience! It took us a while to get to the level of readership we're at now, but it's been so fun seeing it grow. Also, posting often is a must!Stacy:Be passionate and love what you do. It will show.

11.If you could change one thing you blogged about what would that be?Jessica: I would have more crafty projects of my own to show.Mandy:(Not sure I understand this question)Stacy:Nothing

12.Where does your sense of humor some from?Jessica: ME! Mandy:I've always liked kind of dry humor. I'm not sure where I got that from!Stacy:I try to have a sense of humor in all that I do.

13.What is the one thing you have done in your life that you are very proud of?Jessica: Three boys named Jake, Logan and Grayson Mandy:Besides my kids (standard answer), running 6 marathons!Stacy:I am very proud that I put a husband through undergrad and law school while raising children, working, crafting, volunteering, and keeping a house. I juggle so many different balls and at the end of the day I am still standing.

14.What is the one thing you want to accomplish in your life,that you haven't yet? Jessica:Getting a masters degree and counseling others Mandy:Getting completely organized and never running late. Not sure that's possible, but a girl can dream!
Stacy:My list is huge. I would love to go to law school and also start up a craft studio where people can come to create and be inspired.

Monday, November 2, 2009

November Blog of the Month! ChiChiBoulie

Gretchen over at Boulieblog is an unbelievable artist. I love her whimsical prints. Gretchen and her family live in Northern France. She is a designer/Illustrator. She creates watercolors,illustration,paintings,patterns and products. Her work makes me smile and I know it will do the same for you. Please check out her site and tell her she is Fabulous. Look at all of her work. You are going to want one or two of her pieces for your child's room.. A truly Fabulous Find. I am Happy to have her as "Blog of the month"..

GIVEAWAY: Gretchen is offering a print of your choice to one lucky winner.. So follow this blog and hers/leave a comment about her work and spread the word to all of your friends..

Friday, October 30, 2009

Spreading The Love On Friday!

TGIF Today I am spreading the LOVE for 3 amazing women and their products.

Babbleblossom Kim created this adorable hair accessory line because of how much hair her baby has.Her non-slip clips are so stinking cute.She has created so many different styles from butterflies to cupcakes.. Spread the love and visit Kim and tell her how Fabulous she is..

Wonderfulwonderbar I have to say, Lissa with the Wonderbar company has out done herself. This skincare product helps with all the elements our skin needs. It Firms,Tightens,Lifts (giving a glow),Deep cleans (removing radicals and toxins),works well on eczema,acne,psoriasis to name a few. Good for all skin types. Try for yourself, go to her site. Tell her she is Fabulous and try her product. You will be amazed at the results.

StrapDiva This product is sure to please. Christine created Stapdiva after the frustration of her handbag handles always falling off her shoulder. She designed a snap slip cover for your handbag handles. Isn't that Fabulous? Your handles won't slip anymore..She offers this amazing product in 6 fashionable colors. Check out her site. Tell her she is Fabulous. Spread the LOVE..

GIVEAWAY: Kim at Babble Blossom is offering 1 lucky winner a choice of 2 items on her site.. So this is what you need to do. Follow my site.Go to her site tell her she is Fabulous,Spread the word and leave a comment as to what you want to win and tell me where you spread the word..

Christine at Strapdiva is offering 1 lucky winner 2 Strapdivas.. Please follow instructions mentioned above.. Good Luck!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Today I say Good bye!

Well My friends.. Today I pack up my Kooba bag a return it to Avelle (Bag Borrow or Steal). I enjoyed using it. When It arrived it was wrapped in tissue with an Avelle sticker closure.. The leather on this bag is amazingly soft. It's a sad day, but I will be O.K. this bag will look nice on another renters arm. Thank you Kooba for being my friend for the month. Kisses..I will visit you and rent one of your friends next time. Don't be sad.. Check out rent an amazing bag for your next event or even to use at the grocery store.. Sure to make the sales clerks envious.Spread the love, tell all your friends.. This my friend, is the way to have handbags always have the IT bag and never have to pay the big price tag.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Heather and Tiffany from SITS.. What a chat..

Hello Girlie's

I had the honor to interview the girls over at SITS. Heather and Tiffany answered the questions I asked. Some answers make you smile and others laugh.. Enjoy!

1.How did the two of you meet?- We met as neighbors, and became fast friends over our love for thrift shops, decor and anything pink!

2.When did you decide to create Sits? In the Spring of 2008, we were talking about how hard it was to find new blogs, and really wanted more a of a site where bloggers where celebrated and given a chance to be featured, based on participation instead of content was something we couldn't find, so SITS was born!

3.How did you come up with the name? "The Secret is in the Sauce" came from Heather- the minute she said it, we loved it. "The Secret to Success is Support!"

4.What was the reason you created Sits? "We wanted a space where bloggers could find one another. A wholesome, supportive, drama-free environment, where every woman can have her chance!"

5.When did you start doing sitscation? October 2009 was our first ever SITScation. Our members really wanted to get together and we thought Las Vegas would be fun- and it was! We plan on SITScation annually, and will be releasing information about our one day "Blogging Boot Camp" conferences coming to Baltimore, Phoenix and San Francisco in 2010!


1.What are your likes? Family, relaxing vacations, any show on Bravo, good books, good friends, good food.

2.What are your dislikes? Rude people, hypocrites, injustice.

3.What do you look for when picking a blog to write about? The great thing about SITS is that everyone who participates gets a chance to be featured!

4.Do you have any children? If so, how many. I have a nine year old boy who cracks me up daily.

5.If you could accomplish one thing in life what would it be? Live authentically

6.What makes you smile? Fat, happy babies. My son's laughter. My husband walking in the room.

7.What makes you sad? The Twilight movie- {I expected so much more.} Women tearing each other down.

8.What obstacles have you had to face in life? I have been incredible blessed to achieve my goals with hard work. I suffered with hyperemesis during my pregnancy, which was the most difficult year of my life.

9.Who has made an impact in your life? My husband. My son. My friends. I find women everywhere inspiring!

10.What advice would you give women to steer clear of when blogging? Engaging in gossip and negativity. Also, be sure of who you are- please yourself first!


1.What are your likes? Young adult fiction, real whipped cream by the spoonful, and Hello Kitty

2.What are your dislikes? Loading and unloading the dishwasher, rude people, and the way my minivan smells right now

3.What do you look for when picking a blog to write about? For SITS features, we go in the order that submissions are received.

4.Do you have any children? If so, how many. I have four little girls.

5.If you could accomplish one thing in life what would it be? To write the greatest love story ever.

6.What makes you both smile? My family, coffee, and my toes in the sand

7.What makes you sad? Snow, 80's music, and my children crying

8.What obstacles have you had to face in life? Getting over high school. Seriously. It took me at least ten years of therapy.

9.Who has made an impact in your life? My husband. I never knew my worth until I met him.

10.What advice would you give women to steer clear of when blogging? Stats. Blog because it's fun and forget how many people may or may not be reading.

I loved this interview.I loved Heather's comment about her minivan. I told her I have 3 kids and mine is smelling a little funky at the moment.. Thank you SITS girls keep up the Fabulous work you created..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NYC did you miss me? I am coming again Tommorow

Well.. It's time again to head into New York city. Tomm I review a designing on a budget event and get to meet a celebrity chef as well as meeting Jacqueline Smith?? I'll let you know after the event who it was .. It's Hush,Hush for now;) I will fill you in on all the up an coming, for the holidays. How to decorate on a budget,gifts etc.. So stay tuned. Lot's of information.. I am so fortunate to have all of you amazing Fabulous women to read all about. So stay tuned..

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shecky's Girls Night Out Event (Review)

Good morning to all you Fabulous women out there. Last night I went to New York. I was there to review a Girl's night out event put on by Shecky's an online and event destination for the up and coming trendy products in fashion and beauty. I arrived to find a little chaos. I suggest that if you attending any of there events to go early. The line was formed around the building. I was lucky to not have to wait. I walked around to see the vendors. There was an assortment of Jewelry,skin care,wigs,teeth whitening,eye lash extensions,hair curling systems. What I did notice is how the women were reacting to the free drinks. There wasn't any food other than sandwiches that you had to purchase and cupcake samples. The vendors that had demonstrations such as jewelry cleaning were cleaning rings but getting very little sales. I found the event to be fun if you wanted a night out with friends have some cocktails and shop. I was overwhelmed by the amount of Jewelry booths. A lot of repeats. There were a few things I found to be fabulous.

1. Soy Delicious moisturizing candles

2. Cupcake Stop

3. Fotini Designs

4. Bath by Riley

I will touch base on these companies more in other posts when I have product to offer.

All in all the night was fun. The place was hopping. The Dj keep the vibe alive and the drinks never stop pouring. The Goody bags were filled with some good products and coupons. Go to there site check out to see when they will be in a city near you. Grab a couple of friends and have a "Girl's Nigh out" with Shecky's.. If you attend an event please let me know. I would love your feedback.

Friday, October 23, 2009

NYC here I come!

Today I head off to NYC. I am reviewing a Girl's night out event and can't wait to get back and share all the details with you. I love New York this time of year. I am going to hit all the little chotchkie jewelry shops.. MY old stomping ground when I had my accessories business. I won't be able to spread the Love for a product but I will spread the love to all of you.. TGIF enjoy have a nice dinner tonight. Make a fun meal for your kids.( Mine will be with my husband enjoying a soccer game) Drink a glass of wine or get really crazy and have a martini ,my Fav.. Enjoy your day.. The weekend is near, kick up your heels and enjoy..



Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ellis Paul a must listen..

This review began after a friend asked me to listen to this guys music. His name Ellis Paul.. Folk singer with a lot of soul. I agreed and placed the CD in my player ( The Day After Everything Changed). I have to say, I loved the sound of his voice. The creative flow of the words got to me. My favorite song River Road.. Love it. I love that I can visualize what he is singing.. Lyrically I was hooked. I am always listening to alternative,pop and other mixes.. This was such a cleanse to actually understand the words being sung. Ellis Paul travels all over to spread his voice to many,many ears. I would say a true joy to listen to. Ellis Paul Has also created a children's CD. I have 3 kids and they loved it.. It's one of their Favs to listen to in the car.

Ellis began writing children's songs primarily for his two daughters who were 3 and 1 at the time. After the birth of his second daughter, he took off 6 weeks from the road, which is the longest he had been of the road in 18 years of touring.
His goal was to write songs that have messages he wanted to pass on to his daughters. Also, after hearing too much Barney, it was important that he write songs that parents would enjoy listening to over and over again. Ellis' adult fans that do not have children own and listen to this album! This album won Parents choice award..A new CD will be released in 2010.

Ellis is now working with his Best friend Kristain Bush from the Grammy Award winning country duo Sugarland. Here is a free download for a song on his new album 'The Day Everything Changed'. Ellis Paul has 15 albums and has been on the road touring for over 20 years. I hope you will love his music. Contemporary Folk.. Amazing. I am so glad I gave it a listen.. A new found friend.


Follow Giveaway instructions: Become a Fab friend, Twitter,Post on your own site,leave a comment,Visit Ellis Paul's site tell him he is Fabulous..

Ellis Paul Is giving 3 Lucky winners his new CD "The Day After Everything Changed" and His children's CD "Dragonfly Races " Here is a link so you can hear a little sample:

MEDIA: press related questions please contact Rachel Klein
FTC I (Heather Polke) haven't received any payments for this post nor product

Thursday, October 1, 2009

OCTOBER Blog oF the Month Joy's Hope! CLOSED!

Joy's Hope.. This is an adorable happy site.. I love the colors and of course the beach theme.. The thing I learned is it took a lot for this blog to shine and invite people in..

Julie a mom of three adorable kids.. Has had some hardship.. One in which you will read when you visit her blog. She is a strong women with a fun loving spirit and I am happy to have found her. She makes adorable hair accessories and she loves all the things I do.. In her words she "puffy hearts them".. They are Flip Flops,Gap Jeans,Burts Bees Chapstick,Spray and Wash,Sugar, Sea Otters to name a few.. She is creative with her words and a true JOY to read. This is why she is The Blog of the month for OCTOBER.. Please go and visit Julie..


Julie is offering one lucky winner a 1 pick of their choice on her etsy site Joy's Hope Handmade In comments tell me what item you want and follow directions for rest..

Good Luck!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Behind the Scenes..

Today. I am going to give you a little insight of the Girl behind Fabulous Finds. I know I have an "About Me"section.I just thought you might like to see what my interests are behind the scenes.. I will start by saying I collect milk glass. I love it so much that it's coming out of my ears.. LOL I love anything cream or white.. I am a huge fan of the beach and white,creams, soft hues remind me of such a place.. I grew up in CT but spent every summer as a kid in Westhampton, Long Island. When I was small my mom and I would tag sale every Saturday and sometimes Sundays. I was hooked.. Of course at the time I was looking for Barbie's and she wanted antiques.. That's what I was surrounded by in my home growing up.. That was her passion.

My mom had such an eye for what she wanted and collected. I love that about her. She is very creative..Now being a mom myself she takes all her grandchildren and does crafts and decorates the house for x-mas with them.., A true joy that my kids get to do these things with her. I have looked at so many blogs and I am amazed at how creative and amazing these women are that I have come across. How they redo furniture etc.. I thought well I have done that,but that's not what my blog is about... So I thought why not tell you a little about myself so you really know who I am...I love to be surrounded by positive people. I love to laugh, I love my Family and friends. Especially my dearest friends Ben and Jerry.. Love those guys.. My Fav Mint chip...Love seafood and a must for me is a good Chardonnay,Cab and extra cold a lot of olives Dirty Martini...Fabulous.. A nice Friday or Sat treat...I get together with Friends for dinner club which I love.. Cooking is one of my passions. I am all about Organic.. I do like sweets.. I must say and McDonald's Fries... I know doesn't fit in to that category.. Oh Well! I try not to stress.. I hate the weight I feel on my shoulders.. So I talk myself thru it.. I love to help others.. I love to make people smile.. I love,Love the word love can't you tell LOL. No seriously.. I love to hear kids Giggle.. I always laugh. Oh I love pets.. Not a big fan of ones with long skinny tails.. The Rodent family doesn't do it for me..Do I cry?? Oh yeah baby.. I shed the tears.. My son started Kindergarten this year.. He is my last to go off to school. I sat in the parking Lot and balled.. The other moms must of thought I had lost it.. It was a sad day for me... But Look,I am now home typing away with not one interruption... Life if good right now...O.K. that's enough about me...

I may have e-mailed many of you to ask if I can write about you.. Every time I get a yes.. I am blessed for that, Thank You.. This being the reason for this post. I have been asked by a lot of people to give them some insight of who I am.. So This is why the big long post...

So you will see in the pictures I have on the top.. My style.. French country, shabby chic..I love to create.. I just haven't found the time to do anything lately. I have put my focus on this blog/business and I am truly loving every minute of it.. I owe it all to you.. You make it fun to get started each day. Your amazing products you send for review or your comments and e-mails. Thank You!

I am so happy to have a connection with you. I get joy. knowing you are interested in what I have to say. Thank you Subscribers.. You are getting my e-mails.. Sometimes multiple of one topic.. I apologize for that , still working out the glitches. Please.. Leave me a comment. I would love to hear from you.. Please write to me if you want to be featured..I am on the hunt for "Blog of the Month".. If you are the one, let me know.. If you want to nominate someone,let me know.If you want a spot on my sponsor page,Let me know...

Thanks for listening.. I hope you have a better understanding of who I am.. The person who created.. The Fabulous Finds.. Thank You,Thank You

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fabulous Interview with The Tip Junkie!

I had the privilege of interviewing, Laurie from Tip Junkie. I wanted her to be in the spotlight.. She does an amazing job at promoting women and their business. I wanted to see how and why she started her web sites.After our interview I must say.. I would love to have her live close by. I could see myself building a long friendship with her. She is full of life and I love that in a person.. Even though we live far apart on a map.. I will stay in touch and create a friendship with her regardless of how far we are..So here is our Interview in a nutshell Enjoy!

1.How many children do you have ,what ages are they? I have 3 boys: Davis (10), Dylan (8), and Drake (3). Yes, we had to try one more time for a girl. We got a Drake instead. Little Drake is on my lap as I’m typing this watching Ni Hao, Kai Lan.

2. Why did you start blogging? I had a website Executive Homemaker that I was having a hard time marketing and getting word-of-mouth promotion. I was at a girl’s night out and one of my friends had printed out a blog post and read it to all of us. It was fabulous! That week I signed up with Blogger for my personal blog. I found that as I was blog jogging all I wanted to do was blog about the amazing ideas I found. I felt like the world should know about them. One month later, I created Tip Junkie to do just that – give creative women a day in the spotlight by featuring their ideas and products.

3. What idea came to you, to create your sites? The sites now are actually a product of years of development and trying to fulfill the needs that I have along the way.

· Executive Homemaker was created because I hate reinventing the wheel. I realized that I had all of these really cool projects that have taken hours to make and felt that it was a shame that no one got to use them but me. On the flip side of that – it totally annoys me when I find a fabulous idea on the internet that someone created but there’s not a picture or file to download. Someone already took the time to create it – why should I have to duplicate it? Therefore, EH has over 300 files that I’ve made for my high functioning autistic son, birthday party games, and organizational worksheets. I’m still converting it over to a blog so I still have another 200 files to upload. Just like Tip Junkie, anyone can e-mail me their files and I’ll upload them and give them the credit they deserve.

· Tip Junkie was created to give women a day in the spotlight and feature creative ideas and Mom-prenuer products.

· The Tip Junkie Mom-preneur Shops were created because I have a huge passion for promoting women in business. Especially those women who make their own products but don’t know how to get the word out and market them. My mother is uber creative but couldn’t find a way (or venue) to sell her products. I wanted a directory where people could easily find these hidden handmade treasures and promote Mom-preneurs.

· The Executive Homemaker Mom Shops were created because the Tip Junkie Mom-prenuer shops got so full. I also found that Tip Junkie and Executive Homemaker have a different demographic and therefore the shops featured would be different. EH having its own set of Mom Shops would serve the women in business better and give another avenue for promotion.

· The Tip Junkie Giveaway Directory was created because so many bloggers were asking me to announce their giveaways. After a while, it was taking me 6 hours to do the giveaway post. I had back surgery in January and I just couldn’t keep it up any longer. However, I really wanted to help get the word out and help promote these women. Thus the TJ Giveaway Directory was born! It’s fully automated so you have full control over your giveaway announcement.

4.What is one of the most memorable accomplishment? Well, I haven’t had it yet. I’ll be speaking at SITScation in October in Vegas. I’m quite sure that will be very memorable. I can’t wait to meet other bloggers in real life.

5. How did you get involved with SITS and chic chic media? Again, this happened as a result of a need I had at the time. I had received two different e-mails from fellow bloggers who were going to start charging for sponsorships and wanted to know if I would like a free sponsorship to fill in their empty positions. Of course I said yes, and it got me thinking. I was planning on offering sponsor ads as well but not for about 6 more months. Therefore, it occurred to me that if we combined our stats and our efforts, we’ll sell more spots, give the sponsors great stats, and we won’t be competing with each other.

Cindy from Skip to My Lou and Kim from Today’s Creative Blog both signed on immediately. I felt like our stats still weren’t quite good enough (that sounds so silly considering what their stats are now) and we needed one more blog. The SITS girls were an obvious choice as they had a different demographic and have mad marketing skills.

Chic Chick Media has grown because the needs of our readers have grown. The main problem with sponsor advertising is that it’s too expensive for the mommy blogger with a small Etsy store. Therefore, we created the Visit Our Peeps widget that only costs $5.95 a month and it’s on over 300 blogs! It’s a text ad system to promote your blog/shop/site. You don’t even have to have a store, it’s a way to connect with other bloggers who share your same passions and get the word out on an entirely new demographic of women.

6. Do you have any regrets? Yes sometimes, when I’m on a girls night out and my friends are talking about the books they’ve been reading and the PTA meetings and volunteer things they’re doing; I get that little twinge of regret. I think I manage things pretty well, but these sites take up a lot of time. Sometimes, I feel like I should be using that time to volunteer or relax on my back porch reading a novel. I have brief moments of envy at the simplicity of my friend’s lives. They don’t have 150 e-mails a day waiting in their inbox. Although, I feel very blessed and have worked very hard to have the privilege of promoting women. It’s an honor.

7. What idea has someone presented to your site that you made yourself and loved? There are too many to list! I usually feature are the things I want to do at home. I’m naturally a total tip junkie so it fits my life perfectly.

· I love advents, so I’ve made a Halloween Advent and Summer Activity Advent (which I still haven’t blogged about)

· I completely blog-jacked this Indiana Jones Birthday party

· I organized my pantry with bins which I love and it still looks like that the system is so good

These are just to name a few.

8. One thing you wish you didn't put on your sites? I posted a picture of someone’s kiddo for a birthday party post and they were upset about it. They had every right to be and I felt terrible about it. Usually, I try to avoid pictures of kiddos all together (unless the author submitted it and gave me permission). However, I was in such a hurry and it was very late when I was doing my post. It was careless and irresponsible of me. I regret that for sure.

9. What advice could you give for women just starting to blog? Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers. You are completely unique and most definitely have something to add to this fabulous world of blogging. Blog about your passions and be consistent in posting. Develop honest and natural friendships with other bloggers. If your blog is about your life – be real and post about the ups and downs. It has been my experience that bloggers are the most unjudgemental and compassionate people. They’ll connect with you more if you’re not only blogging about the fabulous things in life.

10. What blogger do you admire? Hmm? There are so many! I still have my favorites that I fell in love with when I first started blogging 2 years ago like: Kelly and Mique and Marie and Kristy. There are my Chic Chick’s who are ultra fabulous: Cindy, Kim, Tiffany & Heather. Then there are the big timers like Design Mom, Jenn from Hostess with the Mostess. Social Media Guru’s like Alli and Jyl, Carissa and Amy. Again, I could go on and on.

11. What inspires you? . I love to create so, unique, cool, and easy projects. What keeps me driven? Promoting women who don’t know how (or are too uncomfortable) to market themselves.

12. What do you enjoy doing for yourself? I love to watch movies, snuggle with my man, complete a project, organize my home, play a game with my boys, and spend a day at the lake.

Heather, thank you so much for the interview. It was an honor to be asked! It’s always motivating to sit down and really put your thoughts and reasons for your passions in writing. It has rejuvenated my blogging passion and reminded me of why I love it so much. Hugs! Laurie

Don't you just love her.. Hugs back to you Laurie.. Thank You!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Feature Monday! The Nester..

Happy Monday. Today I am featuring an amazing Fabulous women "The Nester". I came across her blog and fell in love. She is very inspiring with her decorating flair. She has a knack for what she does and I enjoyed every post on her site. She's a mom who has a motto "Doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful". I love that.. It's so true. and well said. The Nester has lived in 13 homes which I feel she's pretty lucky.. Not the moving part ,but having a blank canvas and being able to create different looks. LOVE It!..She has been featured on many blogs from the Tip Junkie to Blissfully Domestic. Her blog is one to check out.. Become a follower or subscribe you will love what she writes about. Keep up the good work ,Nester Girl.. Sending lots of smiles your way.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Fabulous Thought for Today!

"WOW...I have really appreciated every aspect of my life thus far. I have had hard times losing my dad at 13 to finding the love of my life. I have truly grasped the concept of family and how amazing of a bond I have created with my husband and our three children.. Life is a true gift. I have chosen not to take it for granted. I love the smell of flowers and the warmth of the sun. I love the first snow fall of the season and the taste of fresh picked berries in the summer.
I look at life with a smile and take in every minute of everyday. I have been blessed to have three amazing kids. I am blessed for a strong mother and a loving husband. I wish everyone that has touched my life tons of love and happiness and to always smile and never dwell on the little things..
I think how funny it is that we as a society focus on reality T.V. (Yes I watch them) but I always remember to bring myself to the true reality..That it doesn't matter how much money you make or what car you drive or what label you wear. Take a step back and hold what is close to you. Embrace and love it.
I am fortunate with what I have. I love what I have and I ask for nothing more. I am smiling that I am Healthy,Happy and everyone in my life is the same... I pass this on to you :)"

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fabulous not so Fabulous!

MTV awards.. Oh my.. I must say very tasteless. I guess that's how it's supposed to be when they never show any videos. Well after arriving I saw all the Hills stars,Hilton Perez,Pink,Jade from America's next top model,P Diddy,Taylor swift so many.. Well after taking my seat. I was shocked to see the opening act.. Tribute to Michael Jackson. I felt out of all his accomplishments his tribute could have been more over the top. Madonna didn't blow me away with her speech either.. and Janet" Oh" Janet why couldn't she have said something? Not at all impressed..

So during Commercial.. and a lot goes on.. celebs or want to be celebs are all in hallways getting cocktails.. I must say.. the girls are so thin.. I had to ask myself if any of them eat? Sunken faces bone thin frames.. I am so Happy I enjoy life and eat food.. What an amazing gift LOL..So after returning to my seat.. The Taylor swift award Oh, classless Kanye West took away her moment. I felt so bad for her.. Standing there looking around like what do I do? Beyonce mortified by it all.. I knew at that moment.. My time there was going to be short lived. So Not a Fabulous Experience. :(

On the brighter side.. Dinner before hand. Bobby Flay.. What an amazing meal. My brother in law is friends with him and asked if we could eat at his restaurant " Bar Americain" on 152w 52nd street. Because getting a reservation during an award night and during Fashion week is impossible.. So he was nice to hook us up and get us in.. The Food is so delicious with a little fusion touch. The atmosphere is over the top ,large custom lighting and the antiqued pieced mirror along the bar is the soothing focal point to the restaurant. I can't say anything bad about the staff.. You never had a dirty dish in front of you and your water glass was never empty.. The hand baked bread basket was Delish not to mention my entree: Red snapper with plantain Chips and mango chutney so amazingly good..I highly recommend this restaurant a must visit.. Definitely a Fabulous Find in NYC.

So that's my night in a nutshell. All in all a great time. It's nice to be able to head into the city for dinner and a show..A Must in my future.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

MTV Video awards

As I prepare to head to NYC.. I had to create the look I need for the event. I finally after 3 lattes and lunch found what I needed to look Fabulous For the MTV music awards tomm night. I love these types of shows. I never know who I am going to see or what to expect. I know the line up of performers are amazing and Janet Jackson will be performing a tribute to her brother. You are probably asking how does one get to go to a show like this.?? Well I owe it all to my Fabulous Brother in Law Rob.. He works for the Jonas Brothers and has been in the music biz for many years.. He has an amazing talent for creating stages,lighting special effects and getting his crew to perform their best. I am fortunate to be able to go to music shows..If any of you or your kids are fans of the Jonas brothers you can check out my Bro in law on their latest movie.. They do a whole section on him.. Pretty cool..

My kids are lucky to have met Demi,Jonas Brothers,Hanna Montana (Miley),Brittany Spears,Backstreet boys,Jordan Sparks,the whole high school musical crew.. oh so many.. They are lucky and very appreciative for having an uncle in the business.. I have my feelers out for signed Jonas and Demi swag so keep watching... I will take pics of the MTV event and fingers crossed get to meet pink... Have a Fabulous weekend.. XO Heather

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hollywood Fashion Tape FABULOUS!

Well ladies these products are a must have. Amazing that Marni Bumsted and Jane Daily were thinking of us women.. I have been to many events from the American music awards to MTV video awards to name a few. Thank goodness for my Hollywood friends.. Rising stars adhesive lifts help raise up my two special friends. Also when I am in a pinch I grab my fashion tape. This helps with blouse gaps and hides bra straps. It serves many other purposes as well. Oh my truly Fabulous Fave is Hollywood goes Commando. I am all about not showing any underwear lines. These little liners go right in the seem of your jeans,hose etc.. Problem solved so creative right.. Thank goodness for really smart women who create these products..Another great product from the Hollywood line is the Blotting films. These little sheets take away the shine. You all know what I am talking about. Your face looks glowing after a little blotting and it won't disturb your make-up. Last thing I have to talk about is their Make out mints... We all need them especially after an amazing night on the town or intimate dinner. These little heart shaped mints take away the wine,garlic etc and leaves your breath perfect for that late night smooch... So Ladies check out Hollywood Fashion Tape. They have soooo many products to choose from. They have been seen in In style,Savvy,Weddings and of course my Favorite The Fabulous Finds..They are selling in over 30 countries and are a huge hit in Australia.. I said earlier these are a must have..

Marnie and Jane were very gracious to give some products for a GIVEAWAY!

You will get: oil blotting film,commandos,Fashion Tape,Breast Lifts and make out mints..

Please take my button and follow directions... Good Luck. You too are going to be FABULOUS!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hello Girlies.. I am going to be Finding Fabulous all Natural skin Care products!

To all Moms,Grandmas,Me-Ma's,Granddaughters,Daughters,Sisters,Girlfriends.. These next posts you will love.. I am researching high and low for Natural skin Care products. There are soo many Bad chemicals in our Food,Hair and Body Products. I want to find the best of the best. I will be featuring a group of different companies that cater to our little princesses to our most treasured elderly.. So keep watching because these posts are coming soon.. In the mean time check out this site and together we can stop animal testing and having harmful things be added to the products we use everyday.. Even though I have never met any of you.. You are all still a part of me and I want to spread the LOVE! so check out

** If your are a creator of all natural products please e-mail me**

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Orleans Fabulous Find

NOLA.. If you haven't been I strongly recommend. Here are all my Fabulous Finds from the city. New Orleans Jazz Fest. A Mecca for Food,Music,Laughter and true down to earth people from all walks of life. Festival is held on a horse track.The Festival celebrates the indigenous music and culture of New Orleans and Louisiana, so the music encompasses every style associated with the city and the state: blues, R&B, gospel, Cajun, zydeco, Afro-Caribbean, folk, Latin, rock, rap, country, bluegrass and everything in between. And of course there is lots of jazz, both contemporary and traditional. Also the line up will consist of other artists. This year they had Dave Mathews,James Taylor,Earth Wind and Fire and Etta James to name a few.
The Food OH MY! Crawfish Monica,softshell crab Poboy,Crawfish Bread, Shrimp Bread,Sausage & JalapeƱo Bread,Alligator Pie, Crabmeat Stuffed Shrimp, *Fried Green Tomatoes ,Pheasant, Quail & Andouille Gumbo, Crab & Craw fish Stuffed Mushrooms, Crawfish Enchilada The list goes on and on. Drinks from alcohol to Non-alcohol.

After the show everyone manly locals go to LIUZZA'S best place for a bloody marry topped with spicy green beans.. Plus they have a mini block party and always a local band playing outside.. This is the best way to end the day after the sun has fallen and you just want a nice cold cocktail. Some locals are out selling their creations.. address: 3636 Bienville St. two blocks from the fair grounds.

Shopping.. The artists at the show sell amazing things. from handbags to sculptures and of course Jewelry. They come from all over. I am a huge Fleur DE Li's wearer so I try and find pieces with that design.. I truly love New Orleans even the muddy Mississippi River because along with it are the River Boats and they are relaxing to watch when you sit out on the pier..Great place for to run in the morning (If your a Runner). Don't fall for the guys who tell you ,you need your shoe shined.. LOL Happened to us and they were shining my husband sneakers.. big mistake.. walk very fast and far away.. trust me..

Decatur St. a must to stop and shop walk around and see all the amazing finds.. Fleur De Li's mecca.. They also have street markets filled with anything and everything.. check with the locals or online for dates plug in street fairs New Orleans into google..

Two Food places I must talk about and their are soo many but these are two on my favorites:

Cafe Du Monde home of the world famous Chicory coffee and Beignets.. These amazing tasting french dough that is immersed in confectionery sugar. Get there first thing in the A.M otherwise the line wraps around the building check it out.. When you are there buy coffee and a box or two of the beignet mix to bring home. Great to make with kids ,ours love them..

Central Grocery. Known for the best Muffeletta OH My Goodness.. It's heaven to the pallet. Love it. Big Honken Sandwich with an olive relish that's simply delish.. Love it. Not Open on Mondays and again there will be a line.. DELI / SANDWICHES REGIONAL ITALIAN Central Grocery French Quarter 923 Decatur Street New Orleans , LA

Giveaways coming soon... Remember become my "FAB FRIEND" to get all the updates..