Friday, October 30, 2009

Spreading The Love On Friday!

TGIF Today I am spreading the LOVE for 3 amazing women and their products.

Babbleblossom Kim created this adorable hair accessory line because of how much hair her baby has.Her non-slip clips are so stinking cute.She has created so many different styles from butterflies to cupcakes.. Spread the love and visit Kim and tell her how Fabulous she is..

Wonderfulwonderbar I have to say, Lissa with the Wonderbar company has out done herself. This skincare product helps with all the elements our skin needs. It Firms,Tightens,Lifts (giving a glow),Deep cleans (removing radicals and toxins),works well on eczema,acne,psoriasis to name a few. Good for all skin types. Try for yourself, go to her site. Tell her she is Fabulous and try her product. You will be amazed at the results.

StrapDiva This product is sure to please. Christine created Stapdiva after the frustration of her handbag handles always falling off her shoulder. She designed a snap slip cover for your handbag handles. Isn't that Fabulous? Your handles won't slip anymore..She offers this amazing product in 6 fashionable colors. Check out her site. Tell her she is Fabulous. Spread the LOVE..

GIVEAWAY: Kim at Babble Blossom is offering 1 lucky winner a choice of 2 items on her site.. So this is what you need to do. Follow my site.Go to her site tell her she is Fabulous,Spread the word and leave a comment as to what you want to win and tell me where you spread the word..

Christine at Strapdiva is offering 1 lucky winner 2 Strapdivas.. Please follow instructions mentioned above.. Good Luck!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Today I say Good bye!

Well My friends.. Today I pack up my Kooba bag a return it to Avelle (Bag Borrow or Steal). I enjoyed using it. When It arrived it was wrapped in tissue with an Avelle sticker closure.. The leather on this bag is amazingly soft. It's a sad day, but I will be O.K. this bag will look nice on another renters arm. Thank you Kooba for being my friend for the month. Kisses..I will visit you and rent one of your friends next time. Don't be sad.. Check out rent an amazing bag for your next event or even to use at the grocery store.. Sure to make the sales clerks envious.Spread the love, tell all your friends.. This my friend, is the way to have handbags always have the IT bag and never have to pay the big price tag.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Heather and Tiffany from SITS.. What a chat..

Hello Girlie's

I had the honor to interview the girls over at SITS. Heather and Tiffany answered the questions I asked. Some answers make you smile and others laugh.. Enjoy!

1.How did the two of you meet?- We met as neighbors, and became fast friends over our love for thrift shops, decor and anything pink!

2.When did you decide to create Sits? In the Spring of 2008, we were talking about how hard it was to find new blogs, and really wanted more a of a site where bloggers where celebrated and given a chance to be featured, based on participation instead of content was something we couldn't find, so SITS was born!

3.How did you come up with the name? "The Secret is in the Sauce" came from Heather- the minute she said it, we loved it. "The Secret to Success is Support!"

4.What was the reason you created Sits? "We wanted a space where bloggers could find one another. A wholesome, supportive, drama-free environment, where every woman can have her chance!"

5.When did you start doing sitscation? October 2009 was our first ever SITScation. Our members really wanted to get together and we thought Las Vegas would be fun- and it was! We plan on SITScation annually, and will be releasing information about our one day "Blogging Boot Camp" conferences coming to Baltimore, Phoenix and San Francisco in 2010!


1.What are your likes? Family, relaxing vacations, any show on Bravo, good books, good friends, good food.

2.What are your dislikes? Rude people, hypocrites, injustice.

3.What do you look for when picking a blog to write about? The great thing about SITS is that everyone who participates gets a chance to be featured!

4.Do you have any children? If so, how many. I have a nine year old boy who cracks me up daily.

5.If you could accomplish one thing in life what would it be? Live authentically

6.What makes you smile? Fat, happy babies. My son's laughter. My husband walking in the room.

7.What makes you sad? The Twilight movie- {I expected so much more.} Women tearing each other down.

8.What obstacles have you had to face in life? I have been incredible blessed to achieve my goals with hard work. I suffered with hyperemesis during my pregnancy, which was the most difficult year of my life.

9.Who has made an impact in your life? My husband. My son. My friends. I find women everywhere inspiring!

10.What advice would you give women to steer clear of when blogging? Engaging in gossip and negativity. Also, be sure of who you are- please yourself first!


1.What are your likes? Young adult fiction, real whipped cream by the spoonful, and Hello Kitty

2.What are your dislikes? Loading and unloading the dishwasher, rude people, and the way my minivan smells right now

3.What do you look for when picking a blog to write about? For SITS features, we go in the order that submissions are received.

4.Do you have any children? If so, how many. I have four little girls.

5.If you could accomplish one thing in life what would it be? To write the greatest love story ever.

6.What makes you both smile? My family, coffee, and my toes in the sand

7.What makes you sad? Snow, 80's music, and my children crying

8.What obstacles have you had to face in life? Getting over high school. Seriously. It took me at least ten years of therapy.

9.Who has made an impact in your life? My husband. I never knew my worth until I met him.

10.What advice would you give women to steer clear of when blogging? Stats. Blog because it's fun and forget how many people may or may not be reading.

I loved this interview.I loved Heather's comment about her minivan. I told her I have 3 kids and mine is smelling a little funky at the moment.. Thank you SITS girls keep up the Fabulous work you created..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NYC did you miss me? I am coming again Tommorow

Well.. It's time again to head into New York city. Tomm I review a designing on a budget event and get to meet a celebrity chef as well as meeting Jacqueline Smith?? I'll let you know after the event who it was .. It's Hush,Hush for now;) I will fill you in on all the up an coming, for the holidays. How to decorate on a budget,gifts etc.. So stay tuned. Lot's of information.. I am so fortunate to have all of you amazing Fabulous women to read all about. So stay tuned..

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shecky's Girls Night Out Event (Review)

Good morning to all you Fabulous women out there. Last night I went to New York. I was there to review a Girl's night out event put on by Shecky's an online and event destination for the up and coming trendy products in fashion and beauty. I arrived to find a little chaos. I suggest that if you attending any of there events to go early. The line was formed around the building. I was lucky to not have to wait. I walked around to see the vendors. There was an assortment of Jewelry,skin care,wigs,teeth whitening,eye lash extensions,hair curling systems. What I did notice is how the women were reacting to the free drinks. There wasn't any food other than sandwiches that you had to purchase and cupcake samples. The vendors that had demonstrations such as jewelry cleaning were cleaning rings but getting very little sales. I found the event to be fun if you wanted a night out with friends have some cocktails and shop. I was overwhelmed by the amount of Jewelry booths. A lot of repeats. There were a few things I found to be fabulous.

1. Soy Delicious moisturizing candles

2. Cupcake Stop

3. Fotini Designs

4. Bath by Riley

I will touch base on these companies more in other posts when I have product to offer.

All in all the night was fun. The place was hopping. The Dj keep the vibe alive and the drinks never stop pouring. The Goody bags were filled with some good products and coupons. Go to there site check out to see when they will be in a city near you. Grab a couple of friends and have a "Girl's Nigh out" with Shecky's.. If you attend an event please let me know. I would love your feedback.

Friday, October 23, 2009

NYC here I come!

Today I head off to NYC. I am reviewing a Girl's night out event and can't wait to get back and share all the details with you. I love New York this time of year. I am going to hit all the little chotchkie jewelry shops.. MY old stomping ground when I had my accessories business. I won't be able to spread the Love for a product but I will spread the love to all of you.. TGIF enjoy have a nice dinner tonight. Make a fun meal for your kids.( Mine will be with my husband enjoying a soccer game) Drink a glass of wine or get really crazy and have a martini ,my Fav.. Enjoy your day.. The weekend is near, kick up your heels and enjoy..



Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ellis Paul a must listen..

This review began after a friend asked me to listen to this guys music. His name Ellis Paul.. Folk singer with a lot of soul. I agreed and placed the CD in my player ( The Day After Everything Changed). I have to say, I loved the sound of his voice. The creative flow of the words got to me. My favorite song River Road.. Love it. I love that I can visualize what he is singing.. Lyrically I was hooked. I am always listening to alternative,pop and other mixes.. This was such a cleanse to actually understand the words being sung. Ellis Paul travels all over to spread his voice to many,many ears. I would say a true joy to listen to. Ellis Paul Has also created a children's CD. I have 3 kids and they loved it.. It's one of their Favs to listen to in the car.

Ellis began writing children's songs primarily for his two daughters who were 3 and 1 at the time. After the birth of his second daughter, he took off 6 weeks from the road, which is the longest he had been of the road in 18 years of touring.
His goal was to write songs that have messages he wanted to pass on to his daughters. Also, after hearing too much Barney, it was important that he write songs that parents would enjoy listening to over and over again. Ellis' adult fans that do not have children own and listen to this album! This album won Parents choice award..A new CD will be released in 2010.

Ellis is now working with his Best friend Kristain Bush from the Grammy Award winning country duo Sugarland. Here is a free download for a song on his new album 'The Day Everything Changed'. Ellis Paul has 15 albums and has been on the road touring for over 20 years. I hope you will love his music. Contemporary Folk.. Amazing. I am so glad I gave it a listen.. A new found friend.


Follow Giveaway instructions: Become a Fab friend, Twitter,Post on your own site,leave a comment,Visit Ellis Paul's site tell him he is Fabulous..

Ellis Paul Is giving 3 Lucky winners his new CD "The Day After Everything Changed" and His children's CD "Dragonfly Races " Here is a link so you can hear a little sample:

MEDIA: press related questions please contact Rachel Klein
FTC I (Heather Polke) haven't received any payments for this post nor product

Thursday, October 1, 2009

OCTOBER Blog oF the Month Joy's Hope! CLOSED!

Joy's Hope.. This is an adorable happy site.. I love the colors and of course the beach theme.. The thing I learned is it took a lot for this blog to shine and invite people in..

Julie a mom of three adorable kids.. Has had some hardship.. One in which you will read when you visit her blog. She is a strong women with a fun loving spirit and I am happy to have found her. She makes adorable hair accessories and she loves all the things I do.. In her words she "puffy hearts them".. They are Flip Flops,Gap Jeans,Burts Bees Chapstick,Spray and Wash,Sugar, Sea Otters to name a few.. She is creative with her words and a true JOY to read. This is why she is The Blog of the month for OCTOBER.. Please go and visit Julie..


Julie is offering one lucky winner a 1 pick of their choice on her etsy site Joy's Hope Handmade In comments tell me what item you want and follow directions for rest..

Good Luck!